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    Need a little help here

    2 Things

    1: I got this g-shock, had it for a while, and the model number on the back says DW-6900MR, now i know DW stands for "Digital Water Resistant" and that 6900 is the model number, but everywhere that I seem too look I can't find anything about that "MR". Does this mean that it is fake or something?
    2: Where would I be able to go and get a new spring pin for the strap, on the internet or not.

    Any help from you guys is greatly appreciated.

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    The two letters after the number refers to the family of color combos or effects on a given watch. The MR's main effect is the mirrored face from a quick google search.

    The springbars are fairly generic and easily sourced locally from a watch shop.

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    Oh, thank you very much, i appreciate it

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