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    Watch case


    I am looking to buy a watch case for my g shocks. I have a few GA 100 s. need a case that will fit them, any suggestions ????

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    I'd love to offer some advice here, but I'm still working on this as well. I did get my first case (Pelican 1470), but undecided if this will be my answer for my full collection or not.

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    It's difficult, I ordered one from amazon but it was not big enough, may have to buy a case and put the foam in separately. And I am still undecided to get a solid case or one with a glass top. Thanks for replying I'll post if and when I find a case.

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    pelican is ideal...

    on a separate note I use this for when I on the wrist and one in the case for short trips.

    I often wonder what airport security is thinking when they see it through the xray machine...

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