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    Need help getting screws

    Hello all, I'm new to the site.

    I own a Casio G-Shock 3110 model that I just picked up from a supposedly reputable clock/watch repair man (good reviews on Google) for having the battery replaced. The screws on the side of the case (very tiny silver ones) were all stripped by the repair man who then used a dremel tool to score the screw heads and it looks awful. I need to know where I can get six replacement screws for the side of my watch case. I have a micro phillips screwdriver I can use to put them in if someone can tell me where to find them. I would take the watch back to the repair shop, but if this is the best he can do I don't stand to happy with anything he does. I am attaching a picture of the watch in case it helps, but they are six very tiny silver phillips head screws.

    Thanks a bunch for your help!
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    Casio are normally great for carrying spares, I've had plenty of screws, seals and misc small parts off them over the years. Where in the world are you, can post a link to your local service centre.

    I'd also be tempted to go back to the shop and point out the mistake, sounds pretty inexcusable.

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    Thanks for your response. Wow, I was over 24 hours without sleep when I posted and boy I'm sure glad you could wade through that. I live in North Carolina, USA. I would indeed take the watch back, but I am assuming that he does not have any screws to replace them with otherwise he would have and that this is the best work he has to offer so why set my self up for further dissapointment. So I just write or call my local Casio service center? If you have the info. I would really appreiate it. I love my G-shock and would love to wear it again.

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    Given you're in the US I'd either try Casio themselves > or Casio Sales & Service > . Both should be able to help you out. Can fully understand giving the watch repairer a wide berth!

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    Thanks for the links. I called the Casio parts number at the first link you listed and ordered six new screws. Thanks to you I should be happily wearing my G-Shock within a week!

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    NP, Casio are really good for spares.

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    Good luck, if Casio USA can't help, you can always consider buying a beater off Ebay and salvaging the screws. I have several of the 3110 models and love them. They are somewhat complex to get to the battery, but certainly not impossible especially for a jeweler. I do ALL my battery changes, O ring replacements, ect. myself as I don't want to pay someone to do what I can do myself, and I'll know the job is done right. Lots of jewelers encounter nothing but a constant stream of screw backs and pry backs and sometimes I think the interlocking resin/metallic construction of G's throws them for a loop. Many don't know to reset the module either, and some will lose your alarm spring, so I taught myself to work on G's and now I have some I even rebuilt from the ground up including replacing buttons, modules, ect.


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