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    Wearing a new G-Shock for the first time

    Not sure if this is just me...

    Do others have relucatance to wear a new (or vgc) G-Shock for the first time. Generally when I get a new model it'll sit in the box or drawer for a couple of weeks before I dare to wear it

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    Yeah me too, I got my KRINK the other week, and haven't worn it yet ha ha

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    Glad it isn't just me. I'd struggle to wear the KRINK also. Once that first knock / dink / scratch / scrape is out the way it's all fine though

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    The day it arrives on my doorstep I will start wearing it.

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    I buy very few brand new G's, but yeah, always feels kinda weird to wear a new one. The stainless bracelet ones will get a few swirl marks on the clasp almost right away, but you just can't let it drive you crazy. I always figure if I take care of my G's and try not to scratch the crystal, a little cosmetic wear to the resin or stainless body/bracelet is no big deal. All watches get that if you wear them, and if you don't wear them then why buy them in the first place?

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    I have just gone through a buying frenzy and got a GW-500 U from ebay for £40 new and boxed which I put directly onto my wrist - it arrived well packed (as if a G Shock needs excess packaging!) and set to the correct time. It went straight on to my wrist as I had no watch, my £6 market stall "divers watch" had decided to stop as soon as I started a search for a better timepiece.

    This all started after seeing an advert in my local paper for the Edifice series that stimulated my interest. I had agonised for ages about spending what for me was big money on a watch before eventually spending £150 on a GW-3000B-1AER which has yet to grace my wrist. I just enjoy looking at it but have decided to wear it tonight to my military collectors club meeting. Unless I put on the new green Mudman with the white on black face (£50) that arrived from Hong Kong yesterday. Told you it had been a buying frenzy!

    I also received a G1800D in the same post, bought secondhand from eBay for £24, deliciously heavy on the wrist and possibly going to be my main watch for work along with the GW 500.

    Lastly there is my old DW6600, needs a battery and most of the paint has disappeared from the bezel. It was used as a dive watch and got suffed and battered when poking around the wrecks and rocks of the Solent and English Channel. It looks the part - a G Shock that has done a good deal of work and stood up to it.

    It's the transition from pristine and unmarked to well used working tool that is the difficulty, I know I will be annoyed when I get the first scuff or scratch on one of my new watches.

    It's the same for me with most new kit whether it's a watch, a power tool or a camera. But all were bought as tools and tools get used and abused until they break. It's just nice to be able to savour that brand new look, feel and smell for a while before putting the machine to work
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    .....i wear mine a few days in a row from opening the package

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    Hmm, if there's something to take from some of the above posts it is that I need to get those new Gs out and wear them asap


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