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    Substantial Part of G-Shock Collection For Sale

    It's got to that time again where my box that I store G-Shock boxes in isn't big enough to hold them all. On top of that I've started collecting more and more Japanaese mecha toys and Transformers so some of my collection has to go. I'm putting them up on here before I list them on eBay.

    Offers considered but low ballers and 'what's your best price?' will be politely ignored. Discounts for multiple purchases and shipping can be combined and also discussed but I ALWAYS ship tracked and insured to cover both parties.

    GA-110AC-7A - Brand new, never worn & fully boxed - £160
    GA-110AC-4A - Brand new, never worn & fully boxed - £140
    AW-570MS-8T 1998 Men in Smoke Gaussman - Brand new, old stock, never worn, tagged with protective stickers still on - £150
    DW-9500US-2VT Blue Jelly US Open Surfing Limited Edition on Nato - Brand new, never worn very rare limited edition, fully boxed with manuals - £120
    DW-003E-4CT - 1997 Brand new red vintage Ethno-G with fabric\velcro strap. Fully boxed - £80
    DW-9500RX-5T - 1998 Brown Xaymaca with fabric\velcro strap. Brand new, never worn, fully boxed with all manuals £80
    DW-6900WF-4T - 1998 Red Jelly World Cup France 98 limited edition. Brand new, fully boxed and tagged - £130
    DW-002SG-4VT - Vintage Red Glide DW-002 with partial jelly strap. Incredibly rare and hard to find early Glide model. New, never worn and fully boxed. £70
    DW-5600VT TKMixpice - Japanese only limited shop collaboration - Foxfire, tagged and never worn in Japanese packaging with pillow and harder box - I've never seen another one of these for sale - £125
    DW-6900BSK-9JF - Kazushi Sakuraba collaboration. He's a Japanese wrestler\MMA fighter who became really famous for beating Gracie's in Pride championships. New, boxed and tagged - £150
    DW-6600BBOB-1AJF - Bob Sapp Collaboration - Another wrestler\MMA star in Japan. One of the last DW-6600 limited edition releases. New, fully boxed with manual - £130
    DW-56000VTATM-1SJJR - Mighty Atom 60th Anniversary limited edition of 1000. Brand new, fully boxed and tagged - £150
    DW-6900UD-1JF - Undefeated limited edition 6900. Worn twice, no marks or signs of wear. Bright EL and fully boxed with Japanese manual, outer card box and metal trunk - £175
    GW-300FMJ-8JR - New York Fire Department limited edition. Extremely rare collaboration with fireproof material for a strap. Solar and atomic (Japan and USA only). Brand new, mint, fully boxed and tagged. Probably a once-in-a-lifetime chance to buy this one - £200
    DW-5600VT Spider-Man 3 Red - Limited edition of 1500 released in 2007. Brand new, never worn and fully boxed with manuals and leaflets - £160
    DW-5600BE-2JR - Limited Edition Beams 5600 Japan Only - Never worn, fully boxed with Japanese manual - £150
    DW-8200AC-8T - America's Cup Grey Jelly Frogman - My first ever Frogman but i never wear it so it's up for sale. Fully boxed with plastic capsule, outer card box and Japanese manual - £175
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    Last call before I put these on eBay over the weekend. 10% off everything today and tomorrow.

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    Going on the bay now at original price. If you've contacted me before now then earlier price still applies.

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    Bump, back on the market as well as eBay.

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