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  1. New York Tour - so many G's

    Hi All ,
    I have just got back from the Big apple on a birthday trip. Aside from getting a new longboard and a few bits for the go-pro i thought i would give you a run down on some of the places to look.

    Macys - Big disappointment , all of the standard affair with the exception of the Supra $190 and a lonely Burton. There were quite a few pieces but loads of the same kind so not much variety.
    NEW YORK, NY 10001

    G-shock Soho. - A cool shop , very simular to east in appearence but not quite there yet. The staff knew their stuff. I tried to reserve the 6900 captain America in advance but rather annoyingly even given the distance i was traveling they wouldnt enterain the idea - ordered off the bay - shame.
    They had quite a few collabs, Basel 6930 $150 , Burton , Supra , Haze 6900 soho edition ( only a print on the strap) $120 and a soho GA100 at $120.
    I wasnt particuarly taken by any of these but i ended up with the 6900 PL 4 which i was after.

    G-Shock Soho
    454 W Broadway
    New York, NY 10012

    Tourneau - This store drove me nuts and I ended up walking out. I talked my self in to the Basel 6930 and was presented with a stsndard box. They didnt seem to appreciate the importance of the edition with the coin etc and were not particularly bothered. There was also a Clot for $110 which again had no box so i think i cut my nose off a bit but the staff pissed me off so i left.

    12 EAST 57TH ST
    NEW YORK, NY 10022

    Bloomingdales - I quickly checked this out on the off chance. Standard selection but hiding at the back was a 6900 Kermit. I was so so tempted but having spent loads i really had to leave it there. If anybody wants it $120 - Bargin.

    504 BROADWAY
    NEW YORK, NY 10012

    Overall a great few days , loads of american food and beer. Its not cheap and the tubes are crap making getting around a pain but well worth a visit.
    I hope this helps other members planning a visit.
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    Dude I want the Kermit
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