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    How scratch resistant is the crystal?

    This is an intro and a topic for discussion. I'm Dan, 26 and I have overlooked the g-shock brand for a number of years because the $2,000 price for the Mr's with the sapphires is crazy in my mind.
    Anyway has anyone tested the mineral crystal to see how much scratch abuse they can take? I have been thinking about buying this model:

    Do they even make sapphires that can fit on these watches?

    Anyway thanks ahead of time.

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    I've not seen a test on the scratch resistance of the mineral crystal on the g-shocks. If you find one let us know.

    In my experience the crystal seems pretty good, certainly not something I've noticed an issue with. the bezels are normally quite raised which genereally protects the crystal quite well.

    Not aware of anyone doing a sapphire crystal for the Giez you've linked too, equally never looked.


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