View Poll Results: Do you prefer digital, analogue, ani-dig or don't care?

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    Do you prefer digital, analogue, ani-dig or don't care?

    Following on from macspite's comments elsewhere thought it'd be interesting to poll on what sort of display people prefer.

    Personally I'm not that bothered. I wear all three types regularly and don't really give it much thought..

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    With reference to G-Shocks its analog for daytime for reasons stated elsewhere in the WRUW thread, digi for darkness because the illuminators don't work well for analog hands and a mix of both for practicality. How's that for sitting on the fence?

    I have a battered old module that may become a project if I find time, a sort of steam punk watch though closer in feel to the technology in Terry Gilliam's "Brazil". The most obvious feature will be a magnifying lens that swivels into place over the crystal - not all of us are blessed with perfect eyesight!

    Which brings me back to preferring analog while there is light to see it, even slightly blurred it is east to see the hands and to tell the time from that


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