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  1. My two new pickups

    Its been a while since I've posted. A house move meant funds were limited so it was no more g's for a while.
    Well this month i picked up a GA1000 aviator and also a GBX-6900B2 .
    I love them both but i especially like the way the bluetooth tech has come on in the GBX.
    As usual i have a couple of unboxings so feel free to check them out

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    Nice, thanks for sharing. Will have to check the GBX vid when I get a few mins, yet to see one in the flesh.
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    If Casio released that GBX with a positive display I would be all over it! It's a striking watch, why the blazes do they always have to use negative displays on the cool models?

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    rutteger (2013-12-18)

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    Great, thanks for sharing.

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