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    Well... At least you have a happy problem, unlike me who only have the cheaper frogman. And it's unlikely that I will save up enough to get the rest.....

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    Now I can this thread I love it. Excellent detailed review of the 5th wave.

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    chrisek (2014-03-04)

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    Hi Chris,

    Awesome review of the last wave of the 30th Anniversary edition of G-Shocks. As always very informative and classy in the way you share the information with the rest of the forum. I sincerely believe it is because of collectors of your caliber and many others on this site that G-Shockzone is one of the best forums out there on the internet if not THE BEST in my personal opinion.

    I have the Rangeman on my wish list. But I have notice the Frogs especially the titanium is really hard to find, and if you do the price is scary high. I do love the color they picked to close the anniversary editions with.

    Once again thank you for sharing your awesome collection with the rest of us.

    Very Sincerely,
    My Collection:

    Pathfinder's / Protrek's:
    PRW-Y6000S-1JF^, PRW3500Y-4CR^, PRW2500B-3CR^, PAW1500-1V+, PRG270-1V, PAG240-1CR.

    DW5030C-1JF#,DW5600EH-7JR $,GX56-1A4CR, GXW56-1BJF ^, GWM5630A-4JF#^, DW5900-1CR, GA100-1A4, GD100-1BK, GA110AC-4AOS, GA110LP-3CR, GD120TS-1, GD120CM-4CR, GD350-8K, GA400GB-1A9, GA700-1A4, GA700A-4CR,GA735A-1ACR !, GA700UC-3CR, GA1000-2A, GA1000-4ACR, GG1000-1A3CR, GG1000-1A5, GG1035A-1A !, GWF1000-1JF^, GWG1000-1A3^,GWA1100-1A3^, G2110-1, G2300-1, GW3500B-1A9^, DW6900-1VCT, DW6900AC-2JF,DW6925E-7JF $, DW6930A-4CR#, DW6930C-1CR#, DW6930D-1CR#, GDX6900-1CR, GDX6900FB-1, GDX6900AL-2CR, GDX6900HT-2OS, GDX6900MC-3CR, GDX6900MC-5JR, GDX6900TC-5CR, GDX6900CS-7CR, GDX6930E-9CR#, G7900-1K, G7900A-4, GR7900KG-3CR, GW7900-1AOS^, G9300-1, GW9300CM-1^, GW9400-1^, GW9400RD-4^, GW9400DCJ-1CR^

    ^ Denotes Multiband 6 Atomic timekeeping Capabilities.

    + Denotes Multiband 5 Atomic timekeeping Capabilities.

    $ Denotes 25th Anniversary edition time pieces.

    # Denotes 30th Anniversary edition time pieces.

    ! Denotes 35th Anniversary edition time pieces.


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    chrisek (2014-06-01)

  7. I hope someday I'll have a lightning yellow from the 30th or the next wave.
    My G-Shock Collection:
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