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    Why was the GW-5000-1JF discontinued?

    I just ordered one of these, difficult to find but found. I don't understand why they discontinued this when I see people rave about them on forums. A shame.

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    It is indeed a shame if this model is discontinued as seems to be the case. Have also seen numerous positive reviews on the GW-5000. Always had half an eye on this model and given it looks to be no more may have to have a quick look for one

    As for why guess there could be a few reasons. Perhaps Casio just weren't selling enough, it had a premium price tag, maybe people just weren't willing to pay this in sufficient numbers. Alternately maybe Casio have a replacement lined up?

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    It seems to have had a short life if it is to be discontinued but maybe the understated looks coupled with a very high price are the reasons for its demise. Perhaps people spending that kind of money on a watch who aren't avid G-Shock collectors fail to appreciate its qualities and want more bling for their buck; I am always attracted to dials and whizzing hands and the rest. Or the GW-M5600-1ER is available with solar and atomic functionality for about one third of the price though it looks rather more fussy in its decoration and labeling.

    Well done on securing one of the last ones, enjoy it!

    Just edited to add: Calculations have just been thrown out of whack through reading this post about a good deal on the GW-M5600, six for the price of the visually superior GW-5000. Almost cheap enough to tempt me to try and love the "square" G-Shock.
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    Be indeed interesting to see sales figures for this model, although this info isn't something Casio generally make available.

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    Possibly (maybe) production of this G-Shock has restarted. A Hong Kong watch blog I follow showed new stock of the GW-5000-1JF, Watch Tanaka show stock > and there are quite a few on eBay. Signs it's back in production? Or just a few remaining GW-5000s back in circulation?
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