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    Mudman, Frogman or Rangeman?

    What do you prefer guys? The Mudman, Frogman or Rangeman. I'm planning to buy one of these three watches but as usual, I don't have any idea what to get? I live in the Philippines, a tropical country with mountains. Hiking and trekking are the usual activities in camping on the mountains. We also have beaches in here and diving spots. I'm somehow adventurous and love the outdoors all opinions are greatly appreciated

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    I only own the Rangeman, so that gets my somewhat biased vote.

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    All three are great pieces, but I must admit the new Rangeman is a great watch.
    It's a G thing


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    I also think a Ranger will suit your needs best. It's the first ABCT G shock and is the most fully featured G to date, therefore it would be the most versatile for your outdoor adventures.

    That's not to say the others are a bad choice, the frogs are a somewhat luxurious choice, and they boast some of the best materials and build quality amongst Gs, the 9300 Mudman is a solid choice and looks great but since it will be a first master for you, I'd go with the all rounder ranger. You'll probably end up getting all of them eventually

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    CallASin (2014-03-02)

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    You can't go wrong with any of them. HOWEVER, of those three the Frogman is what I would call an "enthusiast's model", since the other two (in theory) are for a more broader audience. If I didn't have any of them and being a g-shockaholic, I would get them in this order: Rangeman>Frogman>Mudman.
    But I would definitively get all three .

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    Deepsea_Dweller (2014-02-28)

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    I've got the frogman and the mudman.
    From an outlook standpoint, the frogs seems like a better choice. The off centre dial looks very unique.
    From a collector standpoint, the frogs seems to have a stronger following.
    From a practical standpoint, it really depends on yourself, but to me the rangeman, seems to be better functions for the common person.

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    I already have the Mudman but i will go for the Rangeman since it completed with full of function that i need. If u r a diver, frogman would be ur 1st choice. I am a outdoor hardcore, i go hiking, mountain climbing, jungle trekking and swimming every week. Mudman fullfill all my need currently.( I dont own a rangeman yet but going to soon) hehe..above is just my personal opinion, final decision is still on ur hand....and i believe u will grab all 3 in ur line of collection in future. Cheers!!

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    sandipan8609 (2016-05-22)

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    Consider your needs. You wouldn't use a bazooka for squirrel hunting right? Go with your gut feeling as to what will fulfill your needs best. The Rangeman is a magnificent piece. I have one luckily. However the GW9000 Mudman with a slide on compass has been a go to watch for me. As Dude said, Fromgmen are more collectible, is this an issue? If so, are you more likely to pamper it than really use it. Personal opinion only but my Rangeman has replaced my Suunto. It just feels right and does everything I need and some things I won't use. Otherwise, my trusty and well traveled Mudman. If it matters, my sleeves glide over the Mudman much better than any other G except perhaps the 5600. Is there a reason the Riseman isn't a contender? Strap on a compass as well and you have a near compact version of a Rangeman. Just saying.

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    chrisek (2014-03-01)

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    Soooo true.... I got a yellow frogman and it's just sitting there looking pretty.

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