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    Exclamation Bezel options for a 1987 G Shock DW5700 C. Please help!

    Hello Everyone,

    Last week I was cleaning my beautiful G Shock 5700 with a toothbrush and some mild detergent when the bezel just crumbled off! I have had this watch since 1987 - and thought that it would go on forever. Its still on, just without a bezel .

    This is what it looked like before the debacle -

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The watch is still in outstanding shape - though it looks terrible without a bezel. After much searching I thought that I would replace the bezel with a Brazilian bezel (Non OEM, available from the auction site) - though they do not make the bezel in the right color combination (My bezel was black with Gold and white text - to match the gold buttons and gold and white rim on the mineral crystal). The Brazilian bezels are actually Gold and Red or White and Red!

    Is there any way I can paint this red text to white without ruining the bezel. Please share your thoughts.
    I also felt that dropping almost $50 on a cheaper bezel (That probably costs a dollar!) was a bit ridiculous. I am torn between whether I should get a newer G Shock 5600 or revive my tuna can classic DW5700.

    Have any of you replaced you DW5700C bezel with the Brazilian one (Not the Brazilian 5600C bezel)? If so, would you please care to show me the final photos of the end product.

    Lastly, I saw an original DW5700 on the auction site, with a strange bezel that was identical to the DW5700 original bezel - though a non Casio branded one! It seem that the seller had got a cheaper DW5700 knockoff, and used its bezel to cover the original watch. Here is a photo of that bezel -

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Do any of you know what that watch is or whether I could get it to transplant the bezel!? I would love to give it a try and probably stealth the bezel! Do let me know.

    BTW, here is my original 1987 DW5700 (As of right now) with Gold buttons, screws and strap in fine condition -

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Do respond to this post as I cant get this fix out of my mind...
    Best regards,

    GP (Dubai).

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    Sorry to hear of your problem, I have had similar with a bezel on a DW-6600, detailed elsewhere in these forums. Though I haven't tried it myself the process for repainting a bezel seems fairly easy and you will find several threads on the subject on "another G-Shock Forum" where I notice you have also posted this question.

    Type "repainting a g-shock bezel" into Google and you will find a great number of articles about paint removal and repainting which should be useful. There is currently a 5700 fitted with a 5600 bezel on eBay which just looks wrong but if you want to wear the watch while searching for the correct bezel using a cheap DW-5600 part may be the way to go - around £12 from TikTox in the UK

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    Bad news, the DW-5700 looked really clean. I did post up on the WUS G-Shock forum a while back about the Brazillian bezels but didn't get a huge response. I think the maker and seller of said bezels was a member there but is now no longer.

    If you do get one should be easy enough to repaint. People seem to recommend a product called 'goof off' for removing the existing paint. You can then use model paint and a fine brush to touch in the lettering, simply paint into the lettering and wipe off the excess. I've repainted and touched up plenty of times, results are good.

    In your position I'd have a go with the Brazillian bezel. It's a classic and desireable G! The DW-5600C bezels never look as good plus I believe these are now also discountinued by Casio (stand to be corrected here....)

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    @macspite - thanks for the info. Very useful link on painting the bezel. I don't think that the 5600 bezels on TikTox will fit this SS tuna screw back case. If you know which one will fit, please do let me know!

    @rutteger - thanks for the support. I think I will just go for the Brazillian bezel and paint the letters to the original white and yellow colors! It gives me some solace that the watch is desirable and the $40 spent on a non original bezel would be kind of justified! I actually put this watch on eBay the day after the bezel broke - with a reserve price of $40, and it only got to $32! I'm kind of happy that happened. Will wait and see if I get an original bezel, or will go ahead with the Brazilian!

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    Surprised it only went for USD$32. The reason I enquired elsewhere about the DW-5700 'Brazil' bezels was becasue I was looking at an identical bezel-less wacth on ebay. I missed out, it ended up going for well over USD$80. Anyhow if you do get a repro bezel will be interested to see what it look like.... Bon chance!

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    Rutteger's sentiments echoed! Take the plunge and see what happens, please post some pictures in here to show us what you have done. Irrespective of the value that is a nice looking watch with the original bezel. Having read a whole load of threads in all sorts of G-Shock forums to give me courage I have now got around to changing batteries to bring dead watches back to life and have replaced the bezel on my DW-6600. Just make sure you have a decent screwdriver to fit the bezel screws properly.

    I now feel more connected to the watches that I have opened up and revived than those I have just bought and have yet to find a reason to interfere with. I am toying with the idea of getting another DW-6600 bezel in case they disappear from the market and setting it up with just gold lettering as a kind of John Player Special / Lotus tribute.

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    Always cool if you can find an old classic and revive it, will have to post up my £2.50 DW-5200 restoration sometime.

    Think you should be OK for DW-6600 bezels for a while. Even though the watch itself is / maybe / perhaps discontinued given it uses the same band and bezel as the dw-6900 (which has just had a new module) they should be around for a few more years.

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    @rutteger - I got the answer I was looking for on another website I had posted this same question to. Enjoy the photos of the bezel, courtesy of another member -

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    Quote Originally Posted by g_patkar View Post
    @rutteger - I got the answer I was looking for on another website I had posted this same question to. Enjoy the photos of the bezel, courtesy of another member -
    Cheers for that, first time I'd seen one on a watch. Looks a good copy, certainly usable. However resin looks a slightly different colour, also seems to sit a little high by the strap, could just be the angle of pic though. Anyhow, minor points. Look forward to seeing your 5700 with a new bezel

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    I am quite happy that I managed to get my bezel issue solved.

    Kindly refer to THIS PAGE - ; for the conclusion of this topic.

    Thank you all for your inputs!
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