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    informational website for new gshock news and releases

    just curious, is there a website where it gives out all the info about new releases for different market (japan, us, etc)?


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    I usually use this:
    However, the forums are usually your best bet to see stuff before it's released.

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    youre on it.


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    Also, they do not release at the same time around the world.

    Not sure which market you live in. G-Shock Australia communicates best on their facebook page

    Hong Kong

    Reference LUW ' S thread above. Or Javy's, possibly the G-Shock superstore of the planet.

    Casio USA, does stuff on their website.

    I'm in the US market and it is better to work with a retailer than wait for Casio USA to update.

    For the UK, you can use their page.



    If you are in a different country, you can just Google it like I just did. These seem to be the ones most talked about outside of Japan.

    sent with aloha
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