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    Why only 23 minutes 59 seconds stop watch? What is this 23 minutes 59 seconds for?

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    For those into the stopwatch or countdown feature, they have been very frustrated with analog G-Shocks In general. Absolutely no good answer for you from me.

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    obigeorge (2014-07-25)

  5. GPW-1000 - Whoa!!!!!

    I guess this is the achilles heel of analog watches.

    I was baffled at first but now it makes sense. When using the 24-hour subdial at 8 o'clock to indicate the elapsed time for the stopwatch (1 sec increments), and time remaining (1 minute increments) for the countdown timer, there is no way to indicate time beyond 24 minutes for the ST, or beyond 24 hours for the TR. Therefore these are the max times that both these functions are good for.

    This is not an issue for me as I hardly ever have a need for these functions in a watch, and if I ever do, I have my mobile phone for that.

    The good looks and GPS functionality are what got me sold on the GPW1000. Plus, its analog. I cannot stand the digital gshocks 😝

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    GPW-1000 - Whoa!!!!!

    Ouch!........😳 $950

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    Just bought this last week £599. Bargain

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    Don't agreed about the ST. Take a look at GS-1300 all analog and this function beautifully as a chronograph. Also see user manual 5040.
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