Whilst paddling around in the murky shallows of the internet I chanced upon the above gentleman who offers advice on high-end timepieces with an admirable sense of style and disdain for we lower orders. A typical piece:

Do you have any preference for heart-rate monitor watches or outdoor watches with altimeter, barometer and other digital add-ons?

First of all, you will never see me with a digital watch anywhere on my person, unless it is a platinum-cased A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk. As for monitoring my heart rate during exercise, the practice of Qigong requires no such gimmickry. So I find little need unless I am in the hospital, and then I tend to leave it to the professionals. And while mechanical complications can be novelties worthy of the best watchmakers (Breguet’s thermometer, for example), I have no use for knowing my precise elevation or predicting weather, and can confidently say that I never will.

Much more can be found at http://uk.askmen.com/fashion/mens-watches/