Thought I might start off this week's WRUW as I went into work today and collected an accumulation of packages, got home and postie has left a "while you were out" for another 2. A couple need batteries and not all packages are G-Shock.

Wearing a G-500U so as to be able to set the time of any watch that I come across. Very satisfying when working on railway stations to be able to check that their systems are properly synced to the atomic clock too.

The watch that needed comparison today was this:

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DW-003C-8T Clubbers Edition / Tough Label.

Even though it was bought off eBay at a hideously inflated price from some chancer who thought wrapping in bubble wrap and sending out immediately the auction finished in a decent jiffy bag would get him good feedback I am very happy with the beast. Nice summery watch with the light woven strap. Wore it for the photo, admired by my colleague who has a watch collection himself and then took it off. It seems slightly silly to worry about one of the toughest watches in the world but I don't want to damage it!