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    GD-100MS-3 vs GD-100MS-3D

    What is the difference between the 3 and the 3D designations???


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    Don't know about the 3D, but the GD-100MS-3 and the GD-100MS-3DR are the same watch.
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    From the Watchshock archive:

    Alternate Casio model numbers: GD100MS-3 GD-100MS-3JF GD-100MS-3CR GD-100MS-3DR GD-100MS-3ER GD-100MS-3DR GD100MS-3JF GD100MS-3CR GD100MS-3DR GD100MS-3ER GD100MS-3DR
    These are all the exact same watch, but they were labeled differently for each market. Packaging might vary between them.

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