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    Question G-Shock 3147 Time Receiving Problem

    Good evening G-Shock community,

    I am an exchange student from Germany but currently in Virginia (Richmond). My problem is, that I cannot receive the current time (it happened once and I didn't change any settings. It was kinda weird since it happened in the night, also next day it has shown me that the watch can receive the time, because these three lines were there to indicate the strength of the signal. The only issue was that the time was one hour further than it should be, so I adjusted the time and suddenly the signal indicator disappeared. Actually, it has only been there when I was back in Germany. Since I landed in the US it has received the time once, like I said.

    The time zone is NYC, DTS is on AUTO. R/C is on. The manual receiving doesn't work either, ERR appears in the display when I try it.

    Please help me!

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    Sounds like you have everything set correctly but the atomic sync is just being weird...

    As a workaround perhaps you could try setting your city to a central time one instead of NYC eastern time? It may then give you the correct time as it should be an hour behind. Atomic sync should be still active since it's the same tower in Fort Collins.

    note the 'received' indicator disappears whenever you perform a manual time setting or change the city. Manual syncs won't work well if you do them during the day due to interference. The best time to try manual syncs is late at night...make sure you've got the watch near a window facing open sky and pointed towards Fort Collins if possible.

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