I just purchased a G-Shock Gulfmaster in Japan today at Yodobashi Camera. I waited to buy it in Japan vs the US because I wanted the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) version and not the one for export. I specifically asked the salesman if the watch was made in Japan and the domestic model and he indicated it was.

I just opened the box and the manual etc are in Japanese. That's good. The manual indicates "5371p*ja" which I assume means it is the Japanese version. However the serial number on the back of the watch only indicates "GWN-1000B". I thought the JDM version is "GWN-1000B-1BJF" or "GWN-1000B--1BJF" with JD appended.

I am concerned that they sold me a model for export and want to check with you guys/gals before returning to the store to request an exchange or refund if it indeed is a export version.