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    Mudmaster GWG1000

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    hi guys
    I seemingly have a problem with my gwg 1000-1A3. In the signal receiving mode I can't get the watch to start receiving in the manual mode. Nor I can set the auto receive mode on. (it is always off and crown movement does not toggle on/off modes. it stays off) The LCD screen gives me a date and time of last signal receipt though. I suspect this was the received signal at the factory before the watches are shipped. Geographically I am in Istanbul and my time zone is set for Jeddah as they are both GMT +3. Is there anyone that can diagnose this?

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    You unscrewed and pulled out the crown? The AutoRC ON or OFF should start flashing.
    I always receive the ERR message when attempting to sync manually. Inside, Outside, Sunny, Cloudy- it doesn't work.

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    Mr. Hide,

    Your Mudmaster will NEVER calibrate in your current geographical location; because, you are beyond the farthest limit of the calibration tower in Mainflingen Germany. Which at its farthest range only cover the island of Sicily. Thus, you being down in Istanbul are well outside the antennas range signal. This is also the reason the calibration function is not coming on due to the module detecting that you are well outside the calibration range. But like I have said in my previous respond to you, it also could be that your Mudmaster might of been magnetized by a strong electromagnetic discharge which is generated by various electronic equipment within your house or place of employment.
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    I have a question about the on-board diagnostics menu for the GWG-1000. When you press buttons B,D,A (iaw the manual's description of button locations) simultaneously it enters a "HOD" menu that allows you to test/calibrate different parts of the system. What I am having trouble with is discerning what some of the codes mean. Does anyone have a legend that describes what they mean? For example, one of the codes is "AGE" and when selected it causes the second hand to move intermittently in order to indicate...? Any insight is welcome, and appreciated. I'm just a tinkery kinda guy and not knowing what this stuff means is driving me crazy. lol.

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    What is that white one in the bottom left corner? It's pretty sweet, Dude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AMPSTAR View Post
    What is that white one in the bottom left corner? It's pretty sweet, Dude.
    Gulfmaster Triple Sensor GWN1000E-8A

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    That thing is sexy

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