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    Hello, can anyone tell me out of experience if the rangeman is durable enough to withstand dust and dirt and still be functional?
    I know that the immediate answer would be the mudmaster but it's way to big for my needs.
    It's not a theoretical question, my line of work requires both a very tough watch and I actually need the sensors.
    At the moment I'm using the mudman but the lack of sensors is a real problem.
    So basically I'm asking if the rangeman will perform as well as the mudman

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    Good Afternoon yuvalsegev1611,

    The Rangeman is tough enough to withstand dust and dirt. None of these will impede its proper functioning and the watch itself its built to take the punishment and be functional at the same time. I have had mine for two in half years now and I have put mine through the ringer and then some. The watch performs extremely admirably despite the constant abuse I dish its way. The only thing I will recommend is once you buy the watch ensure you calibrate its sensors to your correct longitude and latitude so that the triple sensors give you the most accurate sensor reading in relation to your geographical location. And secondly a through washing once a week with warm soapy water will ensure to prolong your Bezel and Band.

    Should you have any additional questions please feel free to send me a message.
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  4. Thank you, a wonderful reply, I sincerely appreciate it, You have helped me a lot

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    does the rangeman model has an autolight function?

  7. Yes

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    Yes, it's a very durable watch.
    Contra Costa County, San Francisco Bay Area, USA

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