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    Military and Military Concept G-Shock picture thread.

    Well my G9000MS came in. So, as promised, I am starting a mil/mil-concept picture thread. G-Shocks are definitely preferred but any military inspired watches would be awesome.

    Also, pictures of mil watches in context (around guns, adventure equipment, military equipment, etc) are awesome, so lets seem them as well.

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    Good stuff. Look forward to seeing some pictures, esp of the G-9000MS

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    I'm still playing with camera/lighting/backdrops to get a picture of the new one that I like. I have a shop/overhead lamp that I am going to try tomorrow and stage my watch and a pistol or AR, over a pile of ammunition or spent brass from my weekly range day. I also want to get a shot of it on my wrist while I am shooting.

    So far, all attempts to get a good photo of it have failed due to lack of auxiliary lighting and the glare produced by a camera-mounted flash.

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    Still not optimal lighting, but this is the best I can do at the moment.

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    Good pic, like the G-9000MS in a military setting.

    Taking pics of watches etc is pretty tricky, esp with something other than natural light. For best results you need some diffuse light.

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