16 years ago I was working as a marketing intern at a publishers in eastern Johannesburg, and got a bee in my bonnet that I had to go and get myself a DW-6600. So in the mid-afternoon (we're 6 hours ahead of NYC), I went to a retailer I used to work at in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, and they only had a DW-6900. On the way to the store, the radio announcer said that a plane had hit the WTC.

When I arrived at the store, and was paying for the DW-6900, I asked them to switch the TVs to CNN or BBC or Sky news (the store had screens running VH1 and MTV) and that's when we saw the devastation. I had initially thought the announcer had meant a little two-seater type Cessna!

That DW-6900 has served me well, and yesterday, the bezel on the case finally gave in and cracked. I've ordered a new bezel on eBay - here's to more years from that watch.

Where were you when the towers came down, and the world changed?