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    My '9/11' G Shock

    16 years ago I was working as a marketing intern at a publishers in eastern Johannesburg, and got a bee in my bonnet that I had to go and get myself a DW-6600. So in the mid-afternoon (we're 6 hours ahead of NYC), I went to a retailer I used to work at in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, and they only had a DW-6900. On the way to the store, the radio announcer said that a plane had hit the WTC.

    When I arrived at the store, and was paying for the DW-6900, I asked them to switch the TVs to CNN or BBC or Sky news (the store had screens running VH1 and MTV) and that's when we saw the devastation. I had initially thought the announcer had meant a little two-seater type Cessna!

    That DW-6900 has served me well, and yesterday, the bezel on the case finally gave in and cracked. I've ordered a new bezel on eBay - here's to more years from that watch.

    Where were you when the towers came down, and the world changed?

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    I was in 7th grade, waking up for school. My dad had just made me breakfast and I was doing a little bit of homework. At the time, I didnít even know what the World Trade Center was.

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    I was in my mid twenty's and at Law School in Australia. I was watching late night news and saw it happen live. But the footage was at a distance of 4-5kms away, so the reporters thought it was a bomb that went off or an explosion, not a plane, even though you could just make out the shadow of a plane going into the seconds building, it was too far away. The mind just literally could not believe what it saw. Sad day. G-Shocks are a must for situations like this!

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    I was on a tour of duty in Okinawa Japan. We were woken up at about 0200 hours local Japan time and received a briefing by our Company Commander in the day room of our barracks of the events that had taken place that dreadful day. Needles to say our operational tempo triple after that and it has not slowed down in the least what so ever. I retire from the service in 2012 and my heart goes out to old the men still fighting the war on terror. May God bless them all always.
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