Hello lovely G-Shockzoners. Hope you has a nice Christmas and a great new year.

Have any of you got an experience with "kits" such as ...


I'd like to get a more "custom" rangeman but ebay prices are a bit steep - so my thought was to convert a second one (this and the 7900-1ER are my current favourite digitals.)

I'm strongly thinking about buying a second Rangeman (possibly along these lines https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-CASIO...AAAOSwOudZ23qo as this is about as a good as I can find from the UK).

I'd also like to use the case and strap from my cheaper 7900 rescue to customise my 7900-1ER as I use it a lot for tide times etc. Would it all fit?

Finally .... I have my eye on some lovely japanese customs (currently hovering over a gwx-5600wb-5er - again for tide times and it looks lovely).

As I'm in the UKI've struggled to find a retailer - most are shop fronts for HK based dodgy outfits.

I'm sure you'll point me in the right direction.