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    need some help with new G-Shock

    hmm. it's expensive. i want buy cheap.
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    need some help with new G-Shock

    Quote Originally Posted by francescawinter212 View Post
    Hi everyone, new to this forum. I just purchased a G-Shock GR7900KG-3. This watch is supposedly brand new, still has tags on it, but it is dead. I need some advice on how to proceed. I know it is solar powered, but could the battery already be bad? Anyway, looking for help or suggestions. Thanks!
    Welcome aboard. Where did you buy it from? Did you contact the seller? If you just got it new ( New old stock - I think 2012 release date ) it should have been charged. Can you post some photos ? Btw it's a very cool G Shock! - Maybe you just charge it under sunlight for a couple of hours? Few days ago my Mudmaster was totally empty. Last weekend 6-8 hours outside and it's fully charged👍😎

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