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    First G-shock experience

    Hi all, I'm new
    I want to share my fist G-Shock buying experience. I wanted to have a nice sturdy rather inexpensive travel watch for countries where I don't want to wear more expensive watches. I'm a big fan of automatic watches, so buying a plastic and rubber watch was a bit unusual for me.
    So I went down to the local Wal-Mart and checked out what they had. I liked the model G-100 1BV which was a nice looking, well built model with analog hands and dual time zones.
    I bought it and wore it to work for two days. But the watch turned out to be very uncomfortable to wear. It was catching on my shirt/sweaters/jackets and created pressure points on my wrists to the point were I was in pain at the end of the second day.
    So I decided that that can't be it and returned the watch.
    I went to the mall for a bit more selection and found a watch store that carries a lot of G-Shock models. I tried them all: Mudman, Riseman, Frogman and whateverMan and I found one more uncomfortable then the other.

    Then another one caught my eye, a shape I remembered from the 80s. I think I even owned one back then. I couldn't believe they still made them. I tried it on and I was sold. It's a GMV-5610. Comfortable, sturdy, low profile and it looks great.
    I came home an read up on the history of this watch. Amazing! What an iconic piece.
    Every bit as iconic as the Submariner and Speedmaster I have.
    Needless to say, now I'm hooked. My collection of square g-shocks will grow for sure!

    I want to thank the people on the forum here for all the great info they provide.


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    First G-shock experience

    Thanks for sharing your story Christopher and welcome aboard. Let's see some photos 👍👍👍 Would be cool 👍and if you're hooked then you're in trouble ... G Shocks are very addictive - you will see😎

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    Christopher, Welcome to the realm of G-Shock! Good to hear you found your type
    We all start somewhere. When I first came to the US, my aunt brought me to a department store and asked me to select a watch as my welcome gift. I only had one in mind, the G-Shock; I got the 5600 screwback. It worked for 20 years (had 1 battery and 1 resin case cover change). Never had another for 20 years until I came across a Japan made GW-530A; I bought it and decided to give my 5600 to my son. Unfortunately after a few months he lost or misplaced it but I love and forgave him. We just hope that it's in one of our moving boxes. I'm looking forward to getting a upgraded 5600 replacement.
    Enjoy your G-Shock!


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