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    What's the best first G-Shock to buy for me?

    Hi everyone.

    I'm interested in buying my first G-Shock. I really like the functionality and durability, but the size of the watches is something I'm not used to. What's a good starter G-Shock? It would be ideal if it could display more than 1 timezone.

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    What's the best first G-Shock to buy for me?

    Welcome aboard & hopefully you will be staying awhile 😎 So many G Shocks around & a bit difficult to answer your question right away. What's the budget, how about colour preferences, shape, also should it be analog or digital or analog/ digital and so on... Do you have an opportunity visiting a Casio/ G Shock shop in your area? Always better seeing some models in person. Let us know a bit more about you and hopefully we can help or guide you through your first G Shock purchase. Btw I got a G-8900 as a gift in 2013.... ❤️ that's how everything has started.. 👍

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  5. Welcome aboard!
    Visit the G-Shock website and look for the size you like and models that have a world time feature. My GW-500A can display the local time and TYO (Tokyo) time. Good luck!

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