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    Let's see your 1st G-Shock

    Nobody forgets their first, right?

    Here is my first G, bought from a mobile phone shop (Orange) back in the early 00s. It's a G-2500 of some description, never quite figured out the exact model number.

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    Not a big fan of the velcro strap tbh. However a new one has arrived from the US, hopefully getting it on resin and a new battery will give it a new lease of life

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    A DW-6600 bought for use as a dive watch. My idea of when is fairly hazy but it was when the watch had recently been introduced. I was an instructor at the time (BSAC) and remember telling my students about the bargain watch you could get from Argos for £45. Battery went after a couple of years and cost as much as the watch for the local jeweller to send away and get replaced. Next time the battery went the watch stayed in the drawer as I by then was diving with a computer rather than tables and timer.

    Bought a new GW-3000 from TikTox earlier this year and realised that the 6600 could be refurbed with a new bezel and battery. Still one of the best G-Shocks ever!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I think this is a DW 6000 I got it in the early 90's, I didn't buy another G until 2010

    It's a G thing


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    Two good first choices.

    @Bubbly Tubs - nice 20 year break from collecting


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