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    My first g-shock . Pics as requested GA-100MB-1AER

    So here's my first g-shock. First of a small collection I hope . After browsing thru the g-shock site I bought this thru Amazon . I am certainly more than happy with it . I have one small concern. The digital display seems dim . I've taken a little time to research and from what I can find the display brightness is not adjustable. I realize that this is billed as a 'stealth' watch and a couple of the reviews I read commented on 'dimness' also . However is it possible that my new watch has a battery which is becoming tired . I can see no date of manufacture on the watch so cannot date it . If the battery is possibly tired can I replace this myself and where would I get one ? Are the batteries generic or does each model of watch have it's own? In which case what would I look for ?
    Thank you for taking the time to read my post
    Best wishes from the uk

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    My first g-shock . Pics as requested GA-100MB-1AER

    Welcome aboard @Simonic👍 and congrats on your first G Shock the GA-100👍😎Looks cool. However I gotta admit I don't know much about this model ... Just checked out and It's seems the release year was 2015 - not sure if Casio has already ceased the production but I guess you got an unworn, unused NOS GA-100 via Amazon ( never bought from them, so no idea about their sales policy ) Pls keep in mind it's a negative display so its always pretty dim unless you got a GPR B1000 Rangeman below photo👍As far as i know Casio claims 2 years ( battery life ) but I'm sure its much longer if e.g. Light, beeper aren't used too much - which shouldn't be the case if yours is new and / or unworn 👍 Good luck and pls stay with us.

    [Casio G-Shock GPR-B1000TLC-1JR TOYOTA Team Land Cruiser Collaboration Rangeman]
    This one btw is solar powered and can also be charged via external charger😎
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