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    Can you identify mystery G SHock??

    Hi. I need help in identyfing a G Shock watch that I saw recently online. I cleared my history and can't remember the site/shop!!
    Basically, it was a hundred and something pounds, mainly silver and black (?) and it had a purple second hand. It also had purple lettering on the face saying 200m water resist etc.
    Does anybody know which one this is, as I'm keen to buy it.
    If possible, include a pic.

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    "Had a purple second hand" - did the watch have hands only or was it a combination of hands and digital dials? Was it advertised as being "radio controlled", "atomic" or "tough solar", "solar powered"? Black plastic strap or metal bracelet?

    A touch more detail will help

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    Quote Originally Posted by macspite View Post
    A touch more detail will help

    This would be my guess, based purely on the fact this is the first G I could find with a purple second hand.

    Name:  $(KGrHqN,!k0E3Hs(0DO2BOJJu7cVEg~~0_12.jpg
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    G-Shock G-1000-1AER. Available here from ebay.

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    Thanks to both people who replied. It is indeed the one shown in the photo, the G1000.


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