I am new to G Shocks... I have been drawn to the brand due to some of the newer models containing a step counting function.

I am looking for experiences regarding using G Shocks (e.g., GBA-800) as a running watch.

I am a runner, but by no means a very serious one. I have previously used a running watch to track my running distance and speed, but waiting for the GPS signal and recharging the battery every few days is too much hassle. I would like to have a watch that I could just pick up, hit start, and go. I do not mind translating the step count to an estimate of running distance based on my stride length, and I also don't mind doing the math on how fast I'm running based on step count and elapsed time.

So basically, I would like a watch which would allow me to measure elapsed time during my run + number of steps taken during that same run. Technically this should be a piece of cake to implement in the G Shocks with the step counter.

However, looking at the product descriptions, it looks like the G Shocks that measure steps are not focused on specific workouts but rather the total daily activity (broken down by the hour). The manual says you can reset the step counter, but I don't know how convenient that is as a way to measure running steps/distance.

Any thoughts/experiences on this?