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    Compass Clips for G Shock Watch Straps

    I see, quite often, small compass Clips attached to the straps of G Shocks and other watches. I'm curious, has anyone had experience with one? Which is the best to buy? Where do I buy it from?

    Also, I'm a newbie; please go easy on me as I searched the forum and did not see this discussed elsewhere. Apologies if I've missed something.

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    Compass Clips for G Shock Watch Straps

    Welcome aboard @SquareStanley👍 No experience but as far as i know you can get them from Amazon ( third party vendors ) but I heard they only fit 20mm straps as most G’s will need a bigger one. Also Suunto clip-on compasses are pretty much liked by some fellow GShockers but those on Amazon only seem to fit up to 22mm strap and relatively thin ones. Most G straps will be wider than 22mm near the watch head. It's probably going to take some research to find one that will fit the strap width and thickness of a specific G model. There’re some tutorials on youtube you may check as well. Good luck and let us know how it goes😎

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