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    The Complexities of G-Shock Ownership!

    I have owned/still own a number of G-Shocks and my latest aquisition os causing me some small amount of grief. I like to get them set up and working as they should so all the features (tides compass etc) work properly.
    The Gulfmaster GN1000b-1aer i have is actually one of my favourites, but. wehen setting the regional time (to GMT, London) it sets its about 4 hours behind. The only way i can get it to tell the right time and date is by using hong kong time.

    Its a littl ething but its annoying me - Can anyone offer up any advice. Im sure its something to do with UTC or DST, but i thought id ask here

    Thanks in advance


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    Not sure but one thing to check is the home position of the hands. I guess it's possible they are off by 4 hours, but I'm not sure why this would happen. Found a few editorials on YouTube. Just copied one. Perhaps it helps and then you’ll work your way through.

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