Hi all,
Sorry for the misleading title.
Wouldn't it be great if you could choose in the settings if you wanted the display inverted or not?
I think this would be possible with a firmware update or similar...
The display is fully capable to show inverted or not, just press the function button (the lower one on the left) and it will display, TIME, BARO, TEMP etc. non inverted.
Does Casio scan this forum? How do you get in contact with someone that could forward an idea like this?

I do love my GG-B100 1AER but the display is hard to read in some light conditions. Also think that the led is badly placed. When using it in complete darkness its to bright and makes the digital display hard to read.
How hard can it be to design a watch to have a light that is usable in all conditions?!?! My solution is to place a finger strait above the led and that will reflect light down to the digital display and at the same time make less light go directly into your eyes!
Other than that, Im happy!