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    NOS G-Shcok GD-100PS-3 Playset

    think someone on here was after one?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I saw that and put it on my watch list. Now this may be a touch selfish or even could be seen as acting as a complete hog but some interesting items I see on eBay I keep quiet about! This is in the forlorn hope that no-one else will notice and comment on the listing...

    Nice watch and it looks to be attracting a fair amount of interest - £63/13 bids at the moment with over two days to run. Seller's feedback has suffered due to a negative from someone who failed to notice in the description or the pictures that a watch was not working and had no strap.

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    Not sure if this helps but for the January Sales GSE have this watch at half price £60, I got it for that.

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    £60 is a top price for a PS model. Did they have many in stock? When did you pick it up?

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    A week and a half ago. Yep they brought a big box of them out so would think they still have some left.

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    Was that when you picked up a few others? Cracking price, the playsets always seem to go for proper money so surprised GSE are offering them at such a good discount.

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    Yep, that's when i got my others. But it was half price on its own, so I didnt need to buy any others to qualify. Maybe they had ordered too many and needed to shift them. I always found that they tend to still have stock of watches that are normally sold out everywhere else.

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    On my one and only visit I also noted GSE had a few collabs on sale, think they had the Alfie x G-Shock G-5500 amongst others. Although the price wasn't as good as your bargains ! Wonder if the real hardcore collectors are getting their stuff from GSE (or GSW) maybe preferring to buy online to guarantee the models they are after.

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    I think maybe they are. GSE dont really do big advertising campaigns that i see all over the net. I personally only found out about the R&D when I called them one day and asked them, and they said the Friday that week. Before that all i knew of the watch was the pictures I saw on the net. There was nothing about any uk release.To be fair neither of the casiouk websites are that great or up to date. casioonline certainly isn't. Maybe ecommerce is what they need to concentrate more on in 2012.I'm sure they can get far more custom if they advertised or even blogged more. The R&D didnt even appear on the GSE's own webpage or blog, its still not even on there. I'm really passionate about this as you can tell, reason i am, is because if I wasnt lucky enough to call them on the off chance, I'd have never managed to get my R&D in the first place.I'm even on their thing you sign up to, to get the latest G shock news, but I havent ever received an email. Rant over lol

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    if someone can be so kind to let me get this gse website info i cant find it im interested in playsets to, do they sip worldwide?

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