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Thread: G-300 krt

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    G-300 krt

    Hello to all you G-shockers.
    Can anyone in G-shock land please help? I am looking for a replacement green resin strap(complete) for my G-300 KRT watch.
    I want to give it to my son, but it is a bit dirty and the little strap holder with the Kawasaki racing logo is broken.
    Any help appreciated.

    Thankyou in advance.

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    Might be tough to get a replacement green strap given Casio only normally keep limited (or no) stock of bands and bezel for such collaboration models. Not sure where you are in the world to adivse but we have some G-Shock spare parts suppliers listed in the wiki.

    Tiktox in the UK had them in the past, no sold out > Might be worth trying them regardless.

    Other alternative is just to buy another black strap and use the strap holder / keeper from this (or entire strap). Seller vbeme has them on eBay >
    G-Shock Spares Wanted

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    Thanks for that,
    I have seen the tiktox site and have asked are they likely to get any more stock Black is always an option. Cheers. Oh, I am in Cork, Ireland


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