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  1. G-Shocks worn in the military?

    Hi guys,

    I was just wondering about this. Does the US military like the Navy SEALs Team Six or the general military use G-Shocks?
    Im just curious if these Team Six guys wear G-shocks or not.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I could tell you what watches the guys in ST6 wear, but then I'd have to kill you.

    My nephews tell me that G-Shocks are widely worn in the Army. They see more G-9000's and GD-100's than anything else.
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  4. Please tell me. Do the ST6 get issued offical watches or do they get to choose whatever watches they want?
    If its considered classified, then its OK. You dont have to tell.

    By the way - I came across this one. Great photos. The watches are to see though.
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    Cool link!

    Be interesting to know whether G-Shocks (or any other time pieces for that matter) get issued as a matter of course. Seem to recall a post on another forum showing certain Gs had been issued to French Marines.
    G-Shock Spares Wanted

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    this is pretty of the pictures i noticed had a guy wearing a square camo(nice) friend in the military told me that a lot of people wear them but certain jobs dont allow any jewelery so people that work in those fields dont wear jewlery or watches.. i wanted to get him a g shock and he told m he would never be able to really wear it him some parts for his rc buggie instead...anyway cool pics....think it would be cool if they had a standard issue military gshock

  7. Think my next watch will be the Mudman like the G9000MS-1. It is part of their Military edition watches. But that has a low visible display reading as well like mine which is the GD100-1B currently worn.

  8. I just noticed in this Navy SEALs Training video on YouTube and if you fast forward it to 11:22, the guy whose treating the guy with the bloody nose does indeed look like a G-Shock. But do not know which model. Pretty interesting though....

  9. G-Shocks worn in the military?

    I can only speak from a UK Military perspective (British Army 1993 to 1995, Royal Air Force 1995 to 2005).

    Casio G-shocks were never 'issue', but were widely available at NAAFI's and PX's. I believe the DW6600 briefly carried an NSN (NATO Stock Number) but this was for the convenience of the US Navy, who issued the DW6600 in small quantities to divers.

    Most people in my unit kept a G-shock as a 'work-watch' (privately bought at a heavily discounted price).
    It was common practice (UK) to etch the backplate with country, surname, initial and last 3 digits of their service number (see photo). I think US troops would often do this too.

    This was not really to prevent theft, but in the event that you were either captured or killed in such a manner that your body was not recoverable, it was likely that items such as weapons, webbing and wristwatches would invariably be stripped from the body and stolen. By 'marking up' possessions, it might give investigators the tiniest clue to follow if later discovered 'post-conflict' (this being at odds with Special Forces, who would often 'sanitise' their possessions to remove identification).

    Crude etchings like this is often an indicator that the watch is "ex-military", however apart from the US Navy, I don't believe they have ever been "NATO issue"....
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    ^That's a really cool insight into military use for a plain old civilian like me

    It seems almost far fetched from all the colourful, fashion consciencious G culture we see today that G Shocks have really made a reputation for themselves amongst military personnel around the world as reliable tools. But again, I'd say that's part of the charm, there's literally something for everybody! I think it would be a good marketing angle to associate Gs with tough military standards, but I guess military organisations probably wouldn't want to be seen affiliated with any particular 'brand', but looks like we're stuck with fashion brands and hip hop stars for now

    anyway, it's great hearing stories from the soldiers themselves about their battle hardened Gs

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  13. G-Shocks worn in the military?

    My DW6600 (along with a 'Victorinox' multi-tool and 'Maglite') are the only items I have that are still in daily-use, and have migrated from military to police use.

    The common denominator?
    All have excellent parts-availability. Every time one of them gets busted-up, I simply buy replacement-parts and fix them. A rare quality in our "disposable world"....
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