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  1. Does anyone own a G9000MS-1 (Mudman) Military series G-shock?

    I think my purchase will be a G-Shock G9000MS-1.
    My question is, are the numbers hard to see on this model when trying to read the time display?

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    I have one, wore it for a year pretty much non stop! Loved it, and once you're used to the negative display I think they are pretty easy to read especially with the green backlight. Stopped wearing it so much as I got a GA-100 and have to say I love the big ones Although the illumination on them is disappointing compared to the Mudman

  4. Reason I ask this, because the G9000MS-1s are hard to get in local watch stores. So i may have to order it online.
    On the picture, the displays are readable. When I ordered my GD100-1B, I thought the display was going to be easier to read. But the pictures online can indeed fool you....

    The GD100-1B display is not so bad when I am outdoors. Or, in a florescent lighting enviroments such as in my office. But at home, forget it... I have to use the backlight. Your right, the backlight is very bright. But, the downfall of using the backlight, is that it sheds the battery life.

    So thats why Im asking if the Mudman G9000MS-1 would be the same way.


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    I have one.

    It is hard to read, especially in natural light. I find I use the illum ALL THE TIME!

    It also feels a little too small to me, but I'm a big guy. A GD-100 feels just about right to me.

    On the plus side, the thing is built like a tank.
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    That is my question,too? I like the military version, but Im concerned with being able to see the screen? Did you get one?

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