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Thread: What is this?

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    Jobs a baddun. Not even sure what model they're trying to rip off, has elements on several.

    Main giveaways on this one are
    a) it doesn't look like any other Gs
    b) Crap looking LCD
    c) Crap looking bezel
    G-Shock Spares Wanted

    The Collection:GW-200Z Frogman, G-300LV-7AJF, Giez GS-300C-1B, G-2500, DW-5025B-7ER, DW-5200C-1, DW-5300-G9V, G-5500MC-8JF, G-5500R-1DR, DW-5600C-1, GW-M5600-1JF, Tokyo Design Project x DW-5750BR, DW-5900C-9, DW-6000GJ-1, DW-6100J-1, DW-6100CF-3JF Addict, DW-6500GJ-1B Skyforce, DW-6600, DW-8400G-1 Mudman, G-9100R-4 G-Rescue Gulfman, GW-9200-1ER Riseman, GW-9300-1DR Mudman, DW-9350MSJ-2T Raysman, DW-9700NK Gulfman

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    Thought so. The bezel just looks like a cheap bit of black rubber. The same seller also has a couple of other equally dodgy looking ones listed -

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    First link - Casio with winder for the hands? I think not.
    second link - It has that not crisp enough look on the digits, the lettering around the bezel and the moulding itself.

    I find it difficult to believe the number of sellers of "genuine" new G-Shocks that have conveniently lost boxes, tins, tags or instructions. And there is a trade in empty Casio tines and boxes too.

    Well spotted!


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