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    WRUW. Tuesday 3 February 2015

    Yes I do Michel!!!! I love my cap and sticker
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    WRUW. Tuesday 3 February 2015

    awesome goldie and autozilla Tom, love it and nice GA Doug today wearing the atomic army king good day guys
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    WRUW Monday 2 February 2015

    Gangsters gundam monday for me awesome G's every one and very colorful frogday for you tom
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    WRUW Sunday 1 February 2015

    Finally found the last piece of my 1000's collection. had to use Fromjapan to find it at a somewhat reasonable price. its the GWF-1000B rose gold frog, and to me its a beautiful piece of a grail and now to the props, awesome final froggy Michel, love the Ly and pinky Tom, nice Camo and...
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    WRUW Thursday 29 January 2015

    get well soon doughead, awesome earth blue riseman Tom, efficient and simple square michel, and lovely RR muddy scott today wearing military colors frog good day zoners
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    WRUW Wednesday 28 January 2015

    WOW Scott, very cool mod and homage to the 5000B and 5600BB, i love all of your mods, very creative awesome LY froggy Tom, and nice combo doughead today wearing the Burning Red
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    WRUW Tuesday 27 January 2015

    finally got around to posting today, been busy with patients all day nice vanilla froggy tom, and nice atomic square michel, and cool swiss there Scott and props to dez and doughead today wearing the carbon froggy good day guys
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    WRUW Friday 23 Jan 2015

    Nice basel Tom, and dawn Black Michel, and as always nice mod froggies Scott, and very cool mod froggy yto1312. And cool ga's and muddies doughead Today wearing a new addition to the frog family, a slightly used but loved GW-200K-2 Good day guys
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    Wruw Thursday 22 Jan 2015

    nice monster michel, also nice BS Tom!! i have a new frog for you guys tomorrow! today wearing the 1000G. good day fellas
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    WRUW Wednesday, 21 Jan 2015

    nice camo Michel, and your driving me crazy with the RD mod Scott , awesome. today wearing the 7th frogman good day zoners
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    WRUW Tuesday, January 20, 2015

    awesome GPW Scott, and always liked that moddesd square Michel today wearing a Whale Frogman, with glorious gold resin. good day everyone
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    WRUW Monday 19 January 2015

    wow!! busy day in the zone. today wearing a little purple like Scott, Mem in dark purple atomic frogman good day guys
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    WRUW Saturday 17 January 2015

    Stussy-Bape frog for today i see some new people, very nice G's and awesome modded 1000 Michel love it and as always nice modded Ga Scooters, and lets not forget awesome 1000G Tom good day guys
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    WRUW Friday 16 January 2015

    Awesome 1000RD Tom, not sure which thread started first so I'll post in both, today wearing my GWF1000BS with some rubies. Although I don't have my laptop with me and my phone is not cooperating so no pic yet
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    wruw friday 1-16-15

    Awesome combo Michel, haven't worn my blue monster in a while Today wearing my 1000BS with rubies Good day friends Like always my paste and copy is all messed up on the iPhone so no picture yet