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  1. rutteger

    eBay TDP x G-Shock DW-5750BR and Dw-6900R Rasta

    Dw-6900R Rasta > TDP x G-Shock DW-5750BR > No problem posting internationally for GZ'ers and sure I can do a few...
  2. rutteger

    Tough login

    We've had a problem last couple of weeks with the site. Spent a few hours looking at the issue last night and it *should* be fixed. Any more problems lease let me know. Fwiw looks like a very busy site had hotlinked some forum attachments which ended up locking the site occasionally. It was a...
  3. rutteger

    wruw friday 3-14-14

    Lovin' the frogs :D Riseman here today. Off out later so will switch for something else. Frog perhaps :p
  4. rutteger

    Why can't I access some threads?

    Have another look now, should be fixed as of 5 mins ago. I did move one thread to test, should be back now.
  5. rutteger

    Why can't I access some threads?

    Sorted it (hopefully). Let me know how you get on :)
  6. rutteger

    Why can't I access some threads?

    Know a few people have been having problems accessing certain threads on the forum. If people can post which threads they are having issues with that would be useful. Spent some time looking into this problem this morning, looks like an intermittent issue following upgrading some of the...
  7. rutteger

    WRUW - 4th March 2014

    Sporting a yellow GW-6900 whilst trying to fix g-shockzone :)
  8. rutteger

    Hi, im new here, anyone can help me

    Assume you are a reseller.
  9. rutteger

    Why can't I access some threads?

    Will look into this tomorrow, sorry for any issues :(
  10. rutteger

    Making G-Shockzone better - December 2013

    @saru7 - welcome aboard, be good to see some of your collection :D Feedback always welcome so thanks for that. An about page isn't a bad idea although I'd have to have a think about the mission statement. Not sure as anyone wants any info on me either. Anyone else seeing issues with auction...
  11. rutteger

    WRUW Friday 14'th of February….Valentines day...

    Hopefully a few os us will dig out their Lover's Collections for the day :p @scott - nice first post and nice eminem :) Gone for the dull old GA-100 today.
  12. rutteger

    GSE or Casio London tomorrow?

    Down in the smoke tomorrow with work. Hopefully have time to check one or the other, anyone been to either recently? Much in worth checking out?
  13. rutteger

    Article: Casio G-SHOCK GA-110TS-8-4DR Review

    You can view the page at
  14. rutteger

    Casio G-SHOCK GA-110TS-8-4DR Review

    Mike Hughes has just posted up this video review of the upcoming G-Shock GA-110TS-8-4DR which is part of the February release sheets from casio. Here is my short video review going over the design details of the watch and not the functions there are many other YouTubers out there that do...
  15. rutteger

    Article: New G-Shock GA-310 and G-Shock GAC-110 coming January 2014

    You can view the page at
  16. rutteger

    New G-Shock GA-310 and G-Shock GAC-110 coming January 2014

    G-Shock sees in 2014 with a relatively subdued release for January. Five new models are dropping, three G-Shock GA-310 (icnluding our favourite shocking pink GA-310-4) and two G-Shock GAC-110. Yup, no collabs and no limited editions, the amazing string of releases in 2013 has really spoilt the...
  17. rutteger

    WRUW Monday 20 January 2014

    Ah. Monday here again, hope everyone's weekend was good :D Keeping things low key with the GW-M5600 today.
  18. rutteger

    LIGHTNING YELLOW Rangeman's Adventure Trip to the Goldmine -First photos...

    This, those pictures are amazing, some of the colours are stunning. G-Shock should use some of your images !
  19. rutteger

    WRUW Tuesday 14th January '14?

    This GA-100 seems glued to my wrist currently. Good to have a crisp vanilla G you aren't overly precious about :)