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  1. vade_R

    WRUW Tuesday Jan 13th 2015

    20th anniversary 5700ML for tuesaday, i love these red honeycomb LCD's good day friends
  2. vade_R

    Whats on the wristy friday January 9th '14

    colorful froggy Friday for today i know you guys knew, but here it is the famous snakekiller or poison froggy it has a great iridescent effect with blues, purples etc.. good day guys
  3. vade_R

    WRUW Tuesday Jan 6th 2015

    Today to start the day, wearing a Hero model or DW-5200 , which is a little more special by being a Japan A model good day fellow zoners
  4. vade_R

    Whats on the wrist today monday october 20th '14

    good day everyone on the zone. today I'm wearing a new G7800 i picked up on the bay pretty cheap, its vanilla, but i really like the LCD, it has custom banners, adjustable contrast and 2 different fonts, very cool good day guys
  5. vade_R

    Whats on the wrist Oct thursday 16th '14

    wearing one of my favorite aviators, the A1100FC-2, nice blue and black and awesome comp bracelet, and congrats again to Carlos who just got his first A1100!! good day guys
  6. vade_R

    WRUW froggy Friday 10/3/14

    Atomic Navy frog on this Friday Good day everyone
  7. vade_R

    WRUW Thursday October 2nd '14

    Rescu Red muddie for today, just got it yesterday, really enjoying it Good day guys
  8. vade_R

    What's on the wrist today monday sept, 29th '14

    Military colors atomic muddie for monday. still waiting for the rescue red muddie and rangeman, should be here soon good day guys
  9. vade_R

    Whats on the wrist today...Friday Sept. 26th, '14

    Trying out my new iPhone 6 Plus for today, and the camera is really outstanding, i hope you guys like the pics today I'm wearing one of my favorite frogs, the famous Burning Red good friday guys, and i hope to see lots of frogs from you guys today,... its the law!!
  10. vade_R

    Whats on your wrist Wednesday 24th of Sept. 14'

    these are not popular models, but i love all G's......... its a referee timer from the Germany world cup from 06' i happen to love all the blue on this one good day guys
  11. vade_R

    WRUW Sunday Sept 21st '14

    today I'm wearing a 20th anniversary 5700ML, i love this particular series, because all of them have red LCD's anyway good day guys, and i hope some of you are still around to post
  12. vade_R

    What's on your wrist today Wednesday 9/17/2014

    For today, one of my favorite muddies, the men in dark purple version It has a very vivid purple display, which I don't even consider as a negative display, because of how visible it is Good hump day guys
  13. vade_R

    WRUW Monday 15th of September '14

    Another little guy I had to rescue from a dusty downtown store An atomic standard riseman, very comfortable and light Good day guys
  14. vade_R

    Whats on your wristie this Thursday 4th of Sept '14

    Ice white revolver gulfman, in Blue clothes today good day everyone
  15. vade_R

    WRUW Tuesday September 2nd '14

    Revolver earth blue gulfman today, I absolutely love the colors on this gulfie, one of my favorites Good day guys
  16. vade_R

    What's on your wrist Thursday August 28th '14

    This guy is a classic, it's called a DW6900RE-2 Real Black Blue Eye, they are long discontinued and the were two made a blue eye like this one and a red eye (red digits) but with same resin Good day guys
  17. vade_R

    WRUW Wednesday 27th of August '14

    A small grail arrived recently from the UK, a super rare MTV DW-6610, I know There's not too many of these around and even less with decent resin, the yellow details are really cool. Good day guys
  18. vade_R

    WRUW Monday August 25'th '14

    Wearing a new addition, it's a referee timer G special edition, I really like the colors Anyway back to work, and good day everyone
  19. vade_R

    Whats on our wrist Thursday 14th 2014

    One of my favorite 20th anniversary G's The DW-5600ML I love the red honeycomb LCD Good day guys
  20. vade_R

    WRUW Monday 8-11-2014

    Atomic 7900MS today Have a good day everyone