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  1. mwscooters

    WRUW Friday 13 February 2015

    Postman just showed up with my donor watch! Working on a couple at the moment. My rescue is waiting on a new g button. I odered a yellow one with a black G. Going for a mickey mouse look for that one, we'll see how it turns out. Backup plan is a black g button with red lettering, ordered that as...
  2. mwscooters

    WRUW Friday 13 February 2015

    Sweet pics Deep!
  3. mwscooters

    WRUW Friday 13 February 2015

    Nice Doug! Did you just pick that one up?
  4. mwscooters

    WRUW Wednesday 11 February 2015

    Knives-That's a cool dog you got there! Beast awesome name.
  5. mwscooters

    WRUW Wednesday 11 February 2015

    Great Duo Deep! Knives I'm working on one that looks like that, gloss black band /bezel orange digital face, orange writing on the bezel. It will be a donor for the most part I need the Orange face for a new re-mix idea I got. Nice watch by the way. Here's my latest, this module was taken out of...
  6. mwscooters

    fake or originale g shock d-7900

    If you don't mind what did you pay for it? These are a couple of stock photos, as you can see it looks like yours. I think your safe.
  7. mwscooters

    WRUW Sunday 8 February 2015

    Nice pics! Purple for me today. Anyone else having issues logging into the Zone lately? Seems like it takes forever for the web page to load.
  8. mwscooters

    fake or originale g shock d-7900

    Looks right to me, I have the red one. Photos are a little dark so it's hard to tell for sure. Post a pic of the backside.
  9. mwscooters

    wruw saturday feburary 7,2015

    Going with the new re-mix this evening, Watermelon...
  10. mwscooters

    wruw saturday feburary 7,2015

    Still working on my slot cars. Finished this mustang today. Camo re-mix for me today.
  11. mwscooters

    WRUW. Thursday 5 February 2015

    Been busy lately, got some work done on my GTO. Paint, new motor and lots of dremeling to accept the wheels and tires. As you probably can tell by now I like modifying things from there stock form.
  12. mwscooters

    WRUW Wednesday 4 February 2015

    Looking sharp with the purple and black today deepsea. Nice photo Doughead.
  13. mwscooters

    WRUW. Tuesday 3 February 2015

    Snowing pretty good here today. Nice watches today gents. Squares are starting to wear on me vade_R, I might have to take a look at getting one. Me and my Buddy playing in the fresh snow. If anyone is wondering Kota is a Blue Heeler/Husky mix.
  14. mwscooters

    WRUW Sunday 1 February 2015

    Nice collection today guys, Knives one of my favs and that Pink Frog man I want one. finished my Bike so I wearing my yellow G today. And the Bike...
  15. mwscooters

    WRUW Saturday 31 January 2015

    Early check in, going to pick up some bike parts:D.
  16. mwscooters

    WRUW Friday 30 January 2015

    Sure thing, Have a good one Michel!
  17. mwscooters

    WRUW Friday 30 January 2015

    Nice bezel Knives looks Sweet(sharing your colors today), Killer duo Deepsea, Killin it with Quad Doug and race with a Titanium Frog. How do you follow up all that, with a new re-mix of course. Have a Great weekend Guys!
  18. mwscooters

    WRUW Wednesday 28 January 2015

    Someone say TOYS! Yeah I collect those also, some of the other guys have seen these pics already. Thought you might like see them Doughead.