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  1. mwscooters

    Time to DYE...

    Decided to dye one of my old bands. Man am I glad I did. Love it! look close you can see the clear nail polish that makes the camo pattern This is what it looks like after you use acetone to remove the clear nail polish.
  2. mwscooters

    WRUW Jan 1, 2015 Thursday

    My Birthday today 1-1-74 so I finally get to wear this one. You saw it awhile back but it had to stay in the tin till now (wife's rule). Started life as this... Changed it to this...
  3. mwscooters

    WRUW December 30, Tues 2014.

    Go this in the mail today!
  4. mwscooters

    WRUW December 29, 2014

    Added some Matte Black lettering to this one, looks pretty good. Day off going to Mall of America with my daughter.
  5. mwscooters

    Current collection

    Started this craze in Feb, 2014.
  6. mwscooters

    WRUW Wednesday Dec 10, 2014

    Sorry deepsea, didn't see your Post!
  7. mwscooters

    Need Help...

    Which one looks Better. look #1 look #2 Thanks for your input!
  8. mwscooters

    Few Customs

  9. mwscooters


    Man this turned out Sweet! Ordered the Bezel and Band from Hong Kong. Casio legit parts. Love it! BEFORE AFTER!
  10. mwscooters

    Fisrt Mod, G-Shock Rescue

    Long time lurker, first post. Didn't care for the band's that came on it. They were the style that don't have the little wings/lips that hit the back of the watch. The ones that have those fit my wrist much better. So the search was on, found a band on Ebay that fit the bill. When I mounted them...