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    WRUW Monday 13 - Sunday 19 February 2017

    Good Evening Everyone, Sharing with you guys my newest addition to my G-Shock Collection. The GG1000- 1A5 Mudmaster. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    New ga-1000's

    Good evening Guys, I was wondering if anyone knows when the new GA-1000's are scheduled to be released here in the United States market? They have some new variations of the iconic watch and I would like to get my hands on some of them. I...

    New Rangeman

    Hello everyone, Does anybody know when the new Rangeman is being released? Model numbers: GW-9400KJ-8JR, GW-9400J-8CR, GW-9400KJ-8DR, GW-9400KJ-8ER, GW-9400KJ-8CR They are all the same watch. The model number changes a little due to the market where they are sold; also there packaging is...

    Camouflage Models

    Of the line up for 2014 which model of camouflage G-Shock is your favorite and why? And what additional functions would you have liked these classic time pieces to have? Here is a picture of the very well known and recognized GD-120MC'S The GD-X6900MC'S

    Customizing G-Shocks

    Good morning everyone, Growing up I build military models so I have experience with those technicques which go with the hobby. My question is does anyone out there know where I can buy the dies use for customizing the bezels and bands? and if you do anybody have any recommendations like what...

    What is your favorite g-shock model out there?

    GOOD MORNING EVERYONE, We all share the same passion and enthusiasm for these awesome and great watches which as we all know CASIO has been manufacturing since 1983. Through the years there has been some interesting models and so I figured we could share one another's passion and love for...