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    WRUW Sunday 27 September 2015

    Handled and hello! Wore some carbon today. sent with aloha
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    G shock opinions and pics

    I have a few and been through a lot more. My favorite is still a square. sent with aloha
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    The G-Shockmeter @ The Zone

    You are on fire!!! And all cool G's. sent with aloha
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    wruw saturday feburary 28,2015

    Congrats on the purchase dws! A lot of people feel that is the best aviator. Hope you are enjoying it! Wore a silencer today. GW400. sent with aloha
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    WRUW Wednesday 25 February 2015

    Tomorrow, I get to get a haircut and really looking forward to it. :) sent with aloha
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    WRUW Tuesday 24 February 2015

    Rocking it out! All cool G's going on. Started off with my first grail. I still blame JonL for me falling for this G ;) And followed up with a lighthearted square I really enjoy. Hope everyone had a great day! sent with aloha
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    WRUW Monday 23 February 2015

    Thank you for all the kind words Carlos! I genuinely enjoy my square collection :cool: sent with aloha
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    WRUW Monday 23 February 2015

    Nice GA1000!! And of course love the muddies. Today started off with my favorite. If you guys don't know I'm actually a pretty private person. One of the things I love about G's is that most people don't notice. I was just thinking today that I have no idea how I would react if they...
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    The G-Shockmeter @ The Zone

    Wow! Happy to see this still going strong! I had actually gotten well past triple digits, but now back down. And probably dropping more. Will update when I know, lol. sent with aloha
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    Leap Second

    Not sure if it will display. It will sync once per night so will most likely make it up on the following sync ;) sent with aloha
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    WRUW Sunday 22 February 2015

    Thank you Carlos! This year I am writing more and genuinely looking forward to it. :) Had 3 articles on 50gs in February. Another one one you will see shortly and a couple more to write. :cool: whenever my boss lets me have a day off I could use a break ;) sent with aloha
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    WRUW Sunday 22 February 2015

    Checking in a little late. It was a mellow day at work which we all needed. Which also let me daydream about cars. Now you know why I enjoy the business :cool: Getting late here. Hanging with the wife. Hope everyone had a great weekend! sent with aloha
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    Eminem rebooted

    I like it! Reminds me of a GDX they should have done in the first place. sent with aloha
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    WRUW Saturday 21 February 2015

    Hey guys! Been out of touch for a while. Let me get back in over here. The one that got me into G's sent with aloha
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    WRUW Friday 6 February 2015

    Hey guys!! Just when I thought things were going to straighten out they got sillier. So I am officially the Service Manager. BUT, they still haven't found a replacement for me as General Sales Manager. So I'm both for the time being. Hopefully less than a month. Crazy days. Schedule? Had to...
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    WRUW Monday 2 February 2015

    Been sporadic/crazy in my life lately. Job changed again. But still solid. At Honolulu airport getting ready to catch a plane to LA. Gonna be nuts this week. Still representing. Talk more soon! :cool: sent with aloha
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    WRUW Tuesday 27 January 2015

    Rock on guys!! Looking forward to participating more soon. Been writing a lot for 50gs. Hope you guys enjoy what we post. For today wore the RAF to take to the movie American Sniper. What a movie. Finished with a Project Team Tough. sent with aloha
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    For Sale G-Shock × Bape (A Bathing Ape) "G-5500" New with Box

    Fly emirate, you have to participate in the regular forums for a bit before posting here. sent with aloha
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    WRUW Friday 23 Jan 2015

    First and foremost thank you Tom for wearing and sharing your Ruby. Absolutely my favorite screwback. And Will!! Beautiful addition to your collection! Those photos look amazing and I had no idea it had that kind of color! I had always pictured a dull silver. Stunning. :cool: Sorry for...
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    WRUW Monday 19 January 2015

    Right on guys!! I wore some sunshine to brighten my day today (vs fire) And finished with some camo. sent with aloha