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  1. Olivier

    WRUW Sunday 1st June 2015

    MUDMAN again ! :)
  2. Olivier

    wruw Thursday may 28,2015

  3. Olivier


    A few minutes ago, I found out information regarding the G-Shock GulfMaster with many nice features. Then it seems that digital screen on the bottom uses LED technology. Does anybody knows if data displayed on this screen are really as readable as the following official picture ?
  4. Olivier

    Red star on white blizzard

    Hi everybody, Does anyone can explain me the meaning of red star(s) number over white Blizzard dial series ?
  5. Olivier

    What R you wearing 9/16 ---->> 9/22

    One G-Shock from the AWG series that I like more and more : AWG-100
  6. Olivier

    What Are You Wearing 8/26 --->> 9/01

    M530 today :
  7. Olivier

    Is it a real G-Shock ?

    While on holiday, I saw in an official watch shop such a watch : I asked the seller more details about that G-Shock-like then he answered me "Be sure that everything is authentic here !" Nevertheless, I'm sceptic....:nonchalance:
  8. Olivier


    Here is my new 8900 G-Shock from the Navy Blue series : As you can see, this specific blue colour may change depending on the light. However it always looks nice :cool: The most surprising part comes from the EL which is wonderful (in my opinion only)
  9. Olivier

    Another GW-5530C

    Just received this morning, a 'new' G-Shock anniversary 30th. That's my first 5500 case and I really think it's even much comfortable than expected.
  10. Olivier


    Hi everybody, Just received today, I'd like to show you my last G-Shock :) It's not the most recent one because a second 30th G-Shock Anniversary series has been announced. First thing, this red colour case is really amazing, much more than expected. Not so easy to reproduce on photos, the...
  11. Olivier

    Doubts !

    Hello guys ! A friend of mine, sent me picture of his last watch : I explained him that this watch seems to be very suspect in my opinion. Could please tell me if this watch is true, or not...?
  12. Olivier


    Sometimes, it's more comfortable to get time with hands instead of full digital numbers... So I decided to buy another G-shock watch with combined display (at the beginning a GW-2500 was my favourite, but I remember troubles I had with a GW-2000 many years ago). This time, I've taken a...
  13. Olivier

    Three Mudman

    Hello everybody, Here is my first picture including my three famous Mudman G-Shock :D , enjoy : Not so easy to take a clear photo with these three sisters because of their different displays.
  14. Olivier

    200m or 20ATM

    Hello everybody, Casio says Frogman watches can resist to 200m pressure under water. fine! On the other hand, most of other G-Shock watches are able to resist up to 20ATM. According to my understanding 200m deepth and 20ATM are quite similar. So, what is the real difference between these two...
  15. Olivier

    True Frogman ?

    Just for my personal knowledge, I've seen this "Frogman" on a French website : I didn't know such a G-Shock before. Do you think that's a real one ? or a fake ?
  16. Olivier

    G-Shock G-9000-8V

    69onehundred recently asked if G-9000 models are going to be stopped (read more here > because of G(W)-9300 arrival. Winter is here, bad sun-light conditions and long sleeves too! So, in this season I think...
  17. Olivier

    GW-9300GY-1JF received

    Sooner than expected, I received my parcel from Japan in the morning! Sure you all have already known this beautiful G-shock watch, but I would like to share with you some pictures and comments. First point, the watch isn't so big than I thought. It well fits my wrist :cool:. Like other...