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    LRG Time is Money - Review

    Been quite some time since I post a video review on GSZ... please stop by to view this video and others like it. Please subscribe if you haven't done so and check out the various limited and rare editions I have to offer. STOP! I know you've all seen this piece and probably some reviews...
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    For Sale G-shock Evangelion Bundle

    SOLD - G-shock Evangelion Bundle For sale $old OBO (shipping is $15 in the Con USA + $75 for international buyers) Everything listed/pictured below as one bundle: 1) Evangelion Gshock Purple Watch (New with tags) 2) G-man Pegleg Union Toy (leg is broke but has been glued) 3) Eva Acrylic...
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    For Sale G-shock In4mation Purple Rain & Salmon - GLS-5600X-6CR / GLX-5600XA-4JR

    Selling two watches... would prefer to sell as a set. First is: GLS-5600X-6CR - "Purple Rain" $290 OBO New complete set no tag Second is: GLX-5600XA-4JR - "salmon" $360 OBO New complete set no tag I can offer discount if buying both... $600 shipped
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    For Sale Tyo g-5500ts-9 gshock

    Casio G-Shock Solar Power Popular Classic Watch G-5500TS-9 Watch is in great condition Check out the pictures $160 shipped in the USA Add $15 for international
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    For Sale Dw6900mm-4 orange

    For sale, Dw6900mm-4 watches is practically flawless with few hairline scratches on backplate from mounting on a plastic stand. Not really significant but noteworthy nevertheless. $230 shipped in the USA Add $15 for international first class. Here are some pictures
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    For Sale G-Shock G-9100TC-2 Gulfman Triple Crown

    Selling the G-9100TC-2 watch Gulfman Triple Crown Watch is in great condition with minor signs of wear. Price is $250 shipped EMS (international) $210 shipped in USA
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    For Sale Hyper Orange GA110A-4 G-shock with Free replacement Band

    Selling a pretty great condition GA110A-4 ( GA110 Hyper Orange) The watch comes with a free set of replacement bands. I'm also including a free stand and G-shock Tin. I can email an electronic copy of the manual upon request. Price is $480 shipped EMS international or $420 in USA
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    For Sale Hyper Pink GA110B-4, White Dee & Ricky, GWFT1030A-1 Rising Red Frogman, Alife w/bolt

    Hyper Pink GA110B-4, White Dee & Ricky, GF-8230A-4 Frogman, Alife w/bolt, Clot Okay many pieces to sell.... here they are with pictures. Please excuse the length of this post. PM me with any questions Please note: Shipping is the same for every piece $10 in USA $40 for EMS international...
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    For Sale G-Shocks for Sale - GLX6900XA-9 Rasta, GA110b-3 Hyper Green, G6900GR-3CR Go Green

    Selling some G-shocks: GLX6900XA - In4mation Rasta: $250 OBO (New in tin, no box 9.9/10 condition) GA110b-3 - Hyper Green - $350 OBO (No box - great condition 9/10) G6900GR-3CR Go green - $220 OBO (Great condition with box 9/10 condition) Please PM me with offers or email me for faster...
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    For Sale GW-225E-7DR Glorious Gold Frogman & GW-9101K-7 ICERC Gulfman

    Hi everyone... selling two pieces: 25th Anniversary Frogman - GW-225-7DR & GW-9101K-7 ICERC Gulfman Both for: $675 (Frogman $375, $300 Gulfman) If sold separate: Frogman: $400 Gulfman: $350 No yellowing and no scratches... both show no signs of wear Free shipping CON US - $15-$25...
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    Wu-Tang G-shock hits stores ... BUT

    Not sure who out there is interested in the Wu-Tang G-shock collaboration piece. Just as an FYI... they are being released this week... one online store listed it for sale this morning and sold out in 30 minutes. Keep your eyes open if you are serious about getting this piece. Other...
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    For Sale G6900GR-3 Kermit & In4mation Battleship

    Selling two watches... both mint condition G6900GR-3 - $160 - with original box In4mation Battleship - $120 no box (can throw in standard G-shock tin if requested) Here is a picture of the two, side by side (sorry no trades, unless you're trading a wu-tang which is why i'm selling these...
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    For Sale Selling 12 G-Shocks!!! Including limited pieces

    Hi, I'm making room for some other G-shocks so I decided to make room in my collection. Selling: play cloths - $220 Fifa Germany 5600 World Cup - $140 Glorious Gold - $160 New Era - $270 In4mation Purple Rain - $185 DW6900SN-3 (sneaker) - $180 DW6900SN-1 (sneaker) - $75 and many...
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    For Sale Frogman Master Blue - 25th Anniversary Japan Release

    Hi everyone, Selling my Froggie... just not my kind of watch. $400 gets it which includes shipping within CONUS Watch is 9.9 out of 10 Here's a video of the actual watch. Email me if interested
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    Need a favor - Anyone in New York?? I will pay for your services

    Hi guys, Anyone out there who lives in New York? I have someone who is selling me a watch but refuses to mail it.... they asked if i know anyone in New York who would be able to pick it up for me. Please PM me if you would be able to do me the favor. I'll throw in $20 for the trouble...
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    For Sale GLX6900X-2 for Sale/TRADE Battleship Grey - Gshock Collaboration Limited Edition

    Hi guys... my first sale EVER :) (will trade for other collabs) Selling the GLX6900X-2 aka Battleship G-Shock Watch is in immaculate condition 9.9 out of 10 but doesn't come with a box or manual Asking $185 shipped in CONUS - (will ship internationally for a bit more) Paypal GIFT...
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    Mudman? Real or Fake? Value?

    Hi guys... found this "Mudman" locally. The guys sent me these pictures but i've never seen a mudman like this one. Is it real? Perhaps a vintage model? If it is, what is fair market value? any help is appreciated
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    G-shock Bape real?

    Ran into this watch and really want to buy it but I'm.afraid its fake... Help
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    Frogman for Sale Locally... Fake?

    What do you guys think... fake?
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    Collection by Chavo60

    Here are some teaser pictures of my collection.... Video coming soon....