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    Strap fitment?

    Need to know if g9000r-4 strap will fit a gw9000a-1 watch? Thanks !
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    eBay seller of MIMC from HK...LEGIT?

    i found that this particular eBay seller has the BEST prices on the MIMC set of Casio Gshocks ... my question is ... 1. has anyone here dealt with this seller before? 2. photos are all stock photos, cant tell if items are AUTHENTIC CASIO i will provide links to the items i am interested in...
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    strap interchangeability ????

    hey guys and gals, sorry for the NOOB question, but are the g straps interchangeable with each model? if not, which one fits what? would love to experiment with diff strap combos, thanks!
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    New Arrival: G Shock x Maharishi GA110MH-7A

    just sharing a few pics and a quick overview lets start with the pros: -comfortable -large size -great color combo and design -good collabo piece -excellent packaging cons: -non solar -non atomic -no auto EL -analog hands hard to read -EL is weak and doesnt really light up...